Protect Your Vision

At Retina Specialty Institute, we believe it is important to support our patients and their families at every step and stage of their vision journey. In our offices and online, we offer educational resources that will help you not only prevent and manage eye diseases, but also live a healthy lifestyle that promotes vision health.

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Patient & Physicians

We have provided online resources for both patients and physicians. Visit your section to learn more.

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Our Mission

Our mission is simple: To Deliver World-Class Retina Care.
We provide our patients access to the newest and best retina treatments available, compassionate retinal care to all who need it, and quality care that we would want for our family members.

Our Team

Individually, our doctors are impressive. Together, they push the envelope when it comes to innovative, effective treatment, and they believe in the power of possibility.

Patient Stories

Jim Speed : Macular Degeneration Patient

Jim Speed

Macular Degeneration Patient

“I’ve seen the miracle of everyday blessings, from the radiating brilliance of sunsets over the calming Gulf waters, to the shimmering twinkle of stars against the pitch black sky. I’ve watched my son, the miracle of my life, grow from a tiny bundle of joy to a great man who is larger than life! I’ve witnessed the joy and triumph of my students’ faces as they conquer new skills each and every day.

Oh, the blessings I’ve seen and the blessings I’ve yet to see.”

Betty Reed : Diabetic Retinopathy Patient

Betty Reed

Diabetic Retinopathy Patient

“I’ve seen history in the making— for both my country and my family. I’ve gazed in admiration as my son stood tall next to President Carter, and again as I watched the historical inauguration of President Obama. I’ve proudly born witness to the sight of my mother reaching out to accept her degree, and excitedly look forward to my grandson’s commencement.

Oh, the history I’ve seen and the history I’ve yet to see.”