Welcome to Our New Website!

March 14, 2013

We are proud to announce the launch our new website!

In keeping with the Institute’s mission of education, the website provides users with information specific to macular degenerationdiabetic retinopathy and other common retinal diseases.

Additionally, the new website features lifestyle guides for those living with a retina condition and helpful preventative tips for retinal disease, especially those with Type I and Type II diabetes.

Individuals suffering from low vision are encouraged to visit the website to take the interactive risk quiz, which can help frame the questions you should ask your physician or eye doctor during your next visit.

“Our goal is for our website to be a resource for everyone: our patients, our medical community and the world at large,” says Sunil Gupta, M.D., president of Retina Specialty Institute.

Retina Specialty Institute includes a team of world-class experts who provide patients with the latest treatments in retina care. RSI is nationally recognized for clinical trials, drug development, treating macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy with offices along the Gulf Coast from Louisiana to Central Florida. For more information, call 850-476-6759.